I was lucky enough to attend the Service Design in Government conference in Edinburgh last week. With themes including ‘Policy, Participation and Power’ and ‘Social Design’ I managed to get to as many of the 45 sessions as I could without drinking too many coffees, eating too many pastries and washing my hands not enough times.

I’m not sure my notes make sense to anyone other than myself, but I said I’d share them to a couple of people, so I thought why not do it once here. Hope they’re somewhat readable.

First up was Carrie Bishop, Chief Digital Services…

A design sprint is a focussed approach for designing, developing and testing a product or service. It’s a five day facilitated design process with participation from cross-functional skillsets to create, build and test opportunities for big challenges quickly.

Our approach to design sprints

At Common Good we’ve run design sprints with clients ranging from large businesses to small social innovation startups, for digital products and physical spaces. …

The sensitivity of the mental health field poses real challenges to the opportunity for active engagement in mental health research. Without further research — a lack of time invested and funding is given — innovation in mental health science will slow at pace.

At Common Good we’ve been working with Wellcome Trust to explore the mental health landscape globally. By taking a human-centred design approach we’ve uncovered real stories, barriers and opportunities to engage people in mental health and mental health research.

New companies like Monzo already doing great things to design with mental health in mind and there are…

Humans are at the heart of what we do as designers at Common Good. Our clients understand the value of making their customer lives simpler, better and smarter. After all making customers happy, makes the business happy… and stakeholders, and employees, and their families…

The world is becoming more complex, customer behaviour is changing, and businesses need to transform to keep up. By identifying new opportunities that de-risk change and support the design of smarter services and products, organisations can increase profit and innovate to open up new revenue streams.

It’s hard for big companies to change rapidly. So for…

Manchester’s Camp Digital conference brings together communities of digital, design and user experience to explore and inspire new thinking. This years event had a great line-up of speakers who shared their experience and passion about making purposeful change.

Powering a movement

Camp Digital partnered with #upfront, an organisation founded by Lauren Currie dedicated to making the world more confident. I somehow found myself on the sofa sharing her stage at the event! I feel somewhat daunted by the idea of presenting in front of hundreds of people, so I thought the concept of #upfront was a great push into conquering some fears and…

Check out At Your Service and follow Katie and the team’s journey through their design process to solve a hugely challenging design brief.

photo by Corey Blaz

Doing good

With the first episode called ‘WTF is Service Design’, how could we not be intrigued with a new podcast about service design by Katie Shelly and the team at Plot London. Each episode tells the story of a design team with a mission to understand, challenge and create impact for social good. …

A couple of days in sunny Copenhagen on a facilitation course with The Other Potential got me thinking… what do I really mean by reaching my full potential? And then another question came my way… what might be my other potential?

To me, facilitation is a great tool to help people get the best out of themselves and each other; in either the capacity of being facilitated or through doing facilitation.

So what is facilitation?

The term facilitation means literally ‘the action of facilitating something’ — nice one dictionary. But I think the physiological definition (above) sums it up pretty well to me. …

What inspires us to do what we do?

For us, at Common Good, it’s simple, we want to design things better and add value to people’s lives.

In Simon Sinek’s Start With Why TED talk he discusses the importance of authenticity, trust and meaning for people; he also states how as a company everything we say and do is a symbol of who we are. As a business, we show this through the type of clients we work with — those that are customer focussed with clear purpose.

So how do we translate our purpose into something deliverable to clients whilst simultaneously managing a sustainable business model? We…

A journey of gifs explaining the role of a service designer?

We’ve started a new initiative at work to spend more time with each other sharing knowledge and exploring beyond our day to day projects — it’s called the Huddle. We had 6 minutes to share something with the rest of the team before Lucy hijacked the meeting to present some super interesting research on Mintel’s 2016 trends.

As we’ve had a couple of new people join us recently at Common Good I thought it might be a good idea to explain what it is I actually do! This may…

illustrations by Hasan Habib

Seeing things from different perspectives

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” -Charles Darwin

I’ve been listening to Tom Kelley’s fascinating book The Ten Faces of Innovation on Audible. It’s full of stories of how a myriad of businesses have used design thinking and innovation to transform customer experiences whilst nurturing an internal culture of innovation.

Kelley describes his ten faces by categorising them as three distinct types of personas, they include:

  • the learning personas help the team to keep from being too internally focussed and question their worldview daily by…

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