40 memorable things that happened before turning 40

It’s my last post of #ship30for30 at the end of my 30s! 40 feels like closing one chapter and starting another. I really can’t believe I’ve been alive this long! In no particular order, I thought I’d share 40 memorable things from the last 40 years…

[1] Removing about 20 leeches from my legs in Taman Negara [2] Skydiving in Mexico and landing on the beach [3] Climbing a volcano in Guatemala in flip-flops…and melting them [4] Seeing a teeny tiny pygmy seahorse whilst scuba diving in Raja Ampat [5] Almost drowning whilst surfing in El Salvador [6] Breaking my foot cartwheeling off a surfboard in Australia [7] Getting rescued by a lifeguard in Bali [8] Swimming with an 8-metre whale shark in Ningaloo [9] Getting hit by a car in Manchester and shattered my arm [10] Diving off a 10-metre diving board so my dad would give me £10 [11] Buying a house and [12] Getting married to Ali [13] Getting a post-grad degree and [14] a first Master’s degree [15] Living in 3 different countries [16] Travelling to 35+ more [17] Interviewing Paralympians and [18] climate activists for work [19] Missing the ferry and sleeping at the terminal in Italy with two strangers [20] Getting engaged in Grand Central Station, New York city [21] Making a feature film [22] and a bunch of documentaries [23] Blowing a tyre in the outback and getting rescued by passersby [24] Getting headbutted by a Dolphin [25] Hugging an orangutan in Indonesia [26] Standing in a rainbow swarm of butterflies at Iguazo Falls [27] Eating spaghetti on an island in Malaysia [28] Getting very ill in India, for weeks, after a new years party [28] Doing a murder mystery game with friends over zoom [29] Getting my appendix out just before it burst in Brighton [30] Starting a business [31] Ending a business [32] Parasailing around the beaches of Costa Rica [33] Working as a bus driver in Australia [34] Joining a march against climate change next to the White House [35] Remotely coaching 60+ explorers across the world [36] Holding new baby Ivy for the first time [37] Getting my yoghurt stolen off me by a monkey in Thailand [38] Ziplining across canopies in Argentina [39] Living through a global pandemic [40] Writing 30 random things in 30 days as a fun challenge.

Doing this exercise made me notice how many of my favourite memories involve different places and the people I was with there. Starting the next chapter, I hope the next 40 years will be full of many more adventures.

This post is part of a series of atomic essays on Twitter for #Ship30for30




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Aimee Tasker

Aimee Tasker

💡 Coach 🧩 Designer 👀 Explorer • aimeetasker.com

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