Be a fisherman if you like

Today I was reminded of the old story of the fisherman and the businessman, it goes something like this:

A fisherman pulls his boat up to a tropical beach with a few big fish.

A businessman looks at him and asks why he didn’t stay in the sea longer and catch more.

This is all I need, says the fisherman.

What do you do with the rest of your day, asks the businessman.

I catch a few fish, play with the family, take a nap, play some music, hang out with my friends and dance through the night.

The businessman offers the fisherman some advice on how to be more successful. You should spend more time at sea, catch more fish, save more money, buy a bigger boat, catch more, save more, buy more boats, sell the fish globally, set up a big HQ in the city to manage all the orders.

The fisherman asks, what then?

The businessman laughs and says you can live the good life and be rich.

The fisherman asks, and then?

The businessman replies, you can retire and move to the coast, chill, catch a few fish, play with the family, have naps and play music with your friends.

The fisherman confused says, isn’t that what I’m doing now?


Someone else’s idea of success or how to get there isn’t the same as yours. Some people want status, power, wealth and some just want to nap when they want and play in the sunshine. Neither is right, none are wrong, all are possible. The choice is yours.

This post is part of a series of atomic essays on Twitter for #Ship30for30




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Aimee Tasker

Aimee Tasker

💡 Coach 🧩 Designer 👀 Explorer •

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