Everyone designs, but we’re not all aware we’re doing it

What are you consciously designing?

Aimee Tasker
2 min readJan 15, 2022


I’ve been exploring the space of what it means to be a mindful designer: someone aware of designing the life around them. I’m no expert in this, just a curious learner exploring the experience and possibilities of being a human who designs things.

People who have studied design or if the word designer is in your job title, you’re probably quite comfortable thinking of yourself as a designer. But I’ve worked with lots of people who don’t see themselves as designers yet make design decisions all the time.

It seems to me everyone designs, but we’re not all aware we’re doing it.

I’m very open to being challenged on this thinking, but I’ve been wondering…

  • If you are a writer, are you a designer of stories?
  • If you are an entrepreneur, are you a designer of business?
  • If you are an educator, are you a designer of learning?
  • If you are a coach, are you a designer of transformation?
  • If you are influencing or changing policies, are you a designer of systems?
  • If you are making a change in the world, are you part of designing it?
  • If you make or influence decisions at work and home, are you a designer of relationships?
  • If you’re a parent, are you designing your child’s first experiences?
  • If you are a self-learner, are you a designer of you?

The world is full of products, services, organisations and interactions that have been designed. Some mindfully, and others not so much.

It seems like we could all consider ourselves potential designers, of course, it doesn’t matter if you do or you don’t call yourself one. What does seem useful though is that if more people saw that they are the designers of their experience, this could make them more aware that they have the power and responsibility to change it.


What do you design? 👀

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