Experiencing acknowledgement is powerful

Being seen and heard.

Aimee Tasker
2 min readJan 27, 2022


Doing this writing experiment for the last couple of weeks has been a really interesting experience in experiencing acknowledgement… and I just wanted to acknowledge that.

Acknowledgement is

Acknowledgement doesn’t have to be complimentary or full of praise, what it does is recognise, notice and express that you have seen something. Simple.

This could be seeing someone work through something that isn’t always easy, and not turn back. It could be sharing how a specific person or the thing they have done has had an impact on you. It could be simply witnessing another human explore this strange experience of life with curiosity and wonder.

Acknowledgement does

Sometimes we can’t see the changes we make and what we’re achieving for ourselves. The stories in our head might distort the progress we’re making and the truth becomes blurred. Having someone else witness something you do or a change in who you are becoming is very powerful. They can help you see beyond your own thinking.

Acknowledgement is something I’ve been trying to practice more and something I actively do in coaching sessions (when appropriate!). I often see the amazing changes people are making for themselves and I want to help them celebrate it, especially when they might not be tuned in to see it.

Acknowledging you

This experiment of writing has never been about trying to get likes, followers, or reactions. I have no desire to be an influencer. I simply want to see if I have something to write about every day and step outside my comfort zone by sharing it. Success is doing just that.

I really do want to acknowledge everyone who has interacted with any of the posts, messaged me directly, or spoken to me in person — thank you so much for reaching out. I’ve really appreciated all the encouraging words and even the challenging ones in helping me rethink something. I see every one of you and am thankful you’ve encouraged me to keep playing, even when I felt like giving up.

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Aimee Tasker